What is Our Biggest Strength?

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Could our biggest weakness become one's biggest strength?

Let's start with the story of a deer and a wolf. And see how the weaker deer could outrun the wolf and save his life. So, the story begins in a jungle, where all the wolves are tired of catching a deer. That deer used to escape almost every time whenever a wolf tried hunting it. Now, the whole pack began discussing and made a strategy of appointing one fastest wolf among them and sending it after that deer. Accordingly, next dawn, that chosen wolf began his hunt, and despite of all-day efforts and chase, he could not hunt down the deer. On returning empty-handed, the wolf was being mocked and questioned about his failure. In reply, all he could say was, "I was running for my appetite and that deer was running for his life. And that made all the difference." 

Most mentors and teachers work with poor and deprived students, availing them free tuition and resources because the zeal and determination of such deprive students are just so high. They all seem to be working so hard to overcome their weakness in poverty. Their weakness, their lack of resources push them towards being intensely passionate about studies because it becomes their only last hope to change their life. 

Even in the famous SWOT analysis, it is always told to note down your strengths and weaknesses equally and try to work on your weaknesses. If certain weaknesses cannot be much changed, then one must accept such weaknesses and work on others that can be worked and transformed. 

Every weakness is an opportunity if one can work at it and transform into one's biggest strength.

Blog Post written by:
Dr. Atul Mishra
Academic Consultant, UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Allahabad: Visiting Faculty University of Allahabad: M.A(Philosophy), JRF, D.Phil, PDF(Post Doctoral Research)